Roof Battens and Timber


Timber Battens

Our Timber Battens are all C24 approved. For use in internal building work and Timber roofing projects.

C24 timber is stronger and denser and used for more demanding projects where there is a need for higher load bearing. C24 Timber can be used for both domestic and commercial projects

C24 softwood timber tends to be grown slower to increase denseness. Boasting an average density of 420 kg/m5, it also contains fewer defects like knots and fissures.

BS 5543 Fitting Requirements

In accordance with BS 5534 battens should be fixed to rafters, set at centres and not be more than 600mm apart.

They should span at least three rafters and be a minimum length of 1.2m long

Nails used to fix battens to rafters should have a minimum diameter of 3.35mm, and the nails should penetrate the rafter no less than 40mm

Roof Battens